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Thorough Tile Cleaning Near Humphreys




Pricilla Vultz

Service Request:

With a lot of grime accumulated in the grouts of her kitchen and bathroom tiles, Mrs. Vultz decided it was time to get them cleaned thoroughly.

Our Solution:

Maintaining clean tiles in the bathroom and/or kitchen is important for two reasons. The aesthetical reason is the most obvious. If you neglect the tiles they start getting dirty and stained, and even simply washing them won’t always remove the residues and layer of dirt if it’s allowed to settle for a long time. Neglect especially affects the tile grouts, as they become dirty and will need a specific focus to thoroughly clean. The second reason is home sanitation. Dirty bathroom tiles make for a habitat for mold and other fungi and various bacteria cultures to grow. If you’ve got dirty kitchen tiles, you could accidentally contaminate your food with negligence. Naturally, we got down to work very quickly after arriving at Mrs. Vultz’s house. We washed the tiles, scrubbing them to get rid of any insistent stain. We paid special focus to the tile grouts, making sure they return to their original, neutral white color instead of the grimy dark.

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