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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Experts at Carpet Cleaning Canyon Country is the place to call when your home has incurred flooding of any type. Flooding can leave your carpets, rugs and even upholstery in what might appear to be hopeless condition to the untrained eye.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Having a tile floor for your home or office is very classy and brings a sense of pride. In order to maintain this appeal, it is necessary to maintain the floor in a clean condition. Even if you are new in Canyon Country, you will soon hear about Tile Cleaning Canyon Country.

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Canyon Country is a very popular state of Los Angeles, United states. One interesting thing related to the place is that the people remain peace loving here and show their wilder side when required.  Thousands of people commute daily to the city and outside the city for job purposes.

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If you want to know how to always have soft and beautiful carpets, this is the page for you. Read on and follow the advice of experts. This page offers a variety of carpet cleaning tips. Each one covers a different topic and gives you clear instructions of what to do exactly. There is no way to get things wrong.

Top tips for proper rug cleaning

Find out how to maintain and protect your oriental rugs! Learn more about your carpets and how to keep them clean! Learn which procedures to follow when they are stained or wet!

Make good use of Persian rugs

It's a pity to invest money in expensive oriental rugs and just throw them in a room you never go. You must enjoy them and be sure that if you take care of them with regular rug cleaning, they will last literally forever. Carpet Cleaning Canyon Country points out that their worst enemy is water and that's why you must keep them away from water pipes.

Choose your oriental rugs properly

Persian rugs are made of different qualities and, hence, their prices would depend on their size, country of origin, quality of fibers and, of course, if they are handmade or not. Make sure they are really original and you can check whether they are handmade on the back side. The knots of handmade oriental rugs are plenty throughout the rug and you will see no machine stitch.

Baking soda to fight odor

Sometimes, removing the dirt from your carpet is not enough to get rid of the smelly odors on it. You can use baking soda to help fight these odors. You can now remove the odors that persist on your carpet by simply adding baking soda into your vacuum bag.

Brush away the dirt

Sometimes vacuuming is not enough to remove dust and dirt on the carpet. Using a brush with strong bristles helps dislodge debris that has gotten stuck on the carpet. Brushing the dirt away before vacuuming will make the job more efficient and effective. Some vacuum cleaners have a brush attachment specifically for this.

Don’t pour water on a wine carpet strain

The water will just take the coloring agents further down the fibers and spread them to a larger area. Simply put, things will get worse. Take a white paper towel and place it over the stain. Then dab it very carefully so that it can absorb the liquid.

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