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Odor Removal

Odor Removal | Canyon Country Carpet Cleaning

It is possible to remove any kind of odor if you know how to do so correctly. A spray with a an air freshener will help in the short term, but in the long run an odor cannot be removed without a deep and thorough clean. The smell arises from the growth and the festering of bacteria within your carpets, couch and upholstery within your home.

Pets & Odors

If you have pets, odor removal can be incredibly important. You might have become resilient to the smell, but guest and family will who don't keep pets will certainly notice. Many of our regular customers are those that keep dogs, cats, birds or other animals, and want to prepare their homes for an upcoming social event.

We can work on all carpets, rugs and furniture including all types of chairs and the couch. It can be hard to determine right away which piece of upholstery within the house is the cause of the odor. In most cases, the best results are achieved by having a thorough clean of all fabric surfaces.

We Treat the Odor at Its Source

Our technicians use the latest industry equipment to tackle the problem from its origins. The smell is not going anywhere unless all the developed bacteria and old dirt is removed. We do this by executing precise methods that allow us to extract dirt that sits deep within the structure of your carpet. This depth of cleaning would be impossible with a conventional hoover and standard cleaning products.

Expert Odor Removal

A professional carpet and upholstery clean will ensure your rooms and furniture are as bacteria and dirt free as possible. With the substances and dirt cleared away, not only will your room immediately smell clean and refreshed right away, it also means it will likely be some time before you need a proper odor removal service again.

You should never resort to using shear force and overly aggressive approaches to try and remove stains and odors yourself. We can ensure all cleaning processes are completed without causing any damage, and only leave when your home is smelling good a fresh!


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